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What My Ladies Are Saying About Their New Hat From

"The Fancy Hat Literary Luncheon 2010-2011 at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL was another success this year!! And so was HAT-A-TUDE! Everyone simply loved our hats! Your website does not do your hats justice. They are much more beautiful and "detailed" in person. I can hardly wait to order my next HAT-A-TUDE hat! On your website you gave some excellent advice for this spectacular hat..."keep the dress simple wear this hat and a "fabulous" shoe." (PS/ check out Jennie's shoes in pictures ! Wow!)
- Jennie Blu

I was invested by Queen Elisabeth of England with an honour called an MBE (see it after my name). It means Member of the British Empire and the award was conferred for services to the Ministry of Defense and the community. I was awarded the MBE in the Queen's New Years Honours 2004 and the Investiture was at Buckingham Palace on 7 Jul 04. Whilst waiting for the ceremony to begin, I was in the Royal Picture gallery with the other recipients and received many comments and compliments on my lovely hat - I told them it was specially created for me by an American artisan of the first water! They were very impressed! (Rightly so!)...
- Jennifer Argote, MBE

Kentucky Derby 2008:
Janet in her HAT-A-TUDE Hat with Craig and their friend Kent Desormeaux(center), Jockey of Big Brown!

Lisa and Juli in HAT-A-TUDE Hats at Ascot!

My wife's brother's wedding was in Saint Loup sur Thouet, one of the very famous castles in France, very beautiful, and the hat was very chic in the middle of all the other ones. Everybody was jealous, asking my wife "where did you get that hat?" You offered great service, you fought to have the hat ready on time despite the fact we live in Europe, thank you so much ! We are are so happy!- Fabrice & Anne, France

The wedding was beautiful in Derbyshire, England. Your hat was much admired and I really enjoyed wearing it on my daughter's special day. (note:she ordered hat while working in Eygpt!)
- Thanks again, Kathleen

I wanted to give you a sample of how great your hat looked. I truly felt like a beautiful bride. Thanks for being so involved. You're one in a million!
- Patricia

Just wanted to send you a pic of your fabulous hat in action again. Everyone loved the hat of course! This was taken at the Smithsonian Young Benefactor's Polo Cup. And yes that is John Walsh of America's Most wanted!
- LaTosha

"A picture of me (Vanessa) wearing the stunning Hat-A-Tude Winter White Picture Hat with a snow capped Monte Vesuvio (Mount Vesuvius) in the background. Naples, Italy. January 3, 2006."
- Vanessa

Kathi - WOW WOW WOW. After many, many years of attending the Kentucky Derby, with a different hat each year, I have to say that this was the BEST hat EVER. (picture attached) Your work is top notch and your customer service is above and beyond. I hope all of your customers appreciate you as much as I do. Thanks for all of your help and expertise - I'll connect with you again next year for sure!
- Mara

"This is the most pleasant online ordering experience I've had. I will definitely and without hesitation, recommend you to anyone who wants or needs a hat. Thanks for the prompt service. I am completely pleased with my purchase and look forward to working with you again soon. Have a blessed day" - Robin

I just got my hat and I LOVE IT!!! I have it on as I write and I'm constantly jumping up to go look in the mirror. Both quality and workmanship exceeded my expectations. Your work is beautiful! Thank you so much, and thank you too for the terry hat "sizer" you sent. It turns out that I needed it even with the XS hat. Now the fit is perfect. I love this hat so much I plan to dress up just to go to the grocery store so I can show it off right away! And I can't wait for Sunday to wear it to church. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Nancy K./California

I LOVE my hats and wear them all the time - people just love them and one lady even asked could she race me to the end of the street for my Red Gambler!!! Most people comment that HATS are just beautiful but they do not look good in them - my reply is EVERYONE looks good in a hat!!! I wish everyone would order from you!!!
- Betty/Alabama

My hat has arrived!!! It is drop-dead gorgeous! I have seen how delightful a hat makes you feel. No wonder women felt so dressed up when they wore hats. I have always had a Red Hat Mama attitude, so I thought it was about time I found a red hat. I shall not go quietly into old age!
- BJ

Happy New Year! The week before Christmas I had lunch with friends at the Red Fox Inn in Middleburg, VA. I wore my fabulous brown Gambler with the feather spray and was the recipient of many oohs and ahhs. Every time I wear the red Gambler with black ribbons and feathers people come up to me and remark how good I look...remember the green Fedora I bought the same day as the red Gambler? A lady threatened to grab it off my head if I didn't "hand-it-over". Well, I won that battle. Tell the ladies that if they want a quick pick-me-up, or an "instant" make-over to PUT ON A HAT!
- Nancy/Northern Virginia

Thanks Kathi, It is fabulous and was a huge hit at the wedding and is so versatile that I can wear it with damn near anything! I have been spreading the word about you, I am an actress and my husband is a Hollywood movie designer, so we know a lot of "hat" people!! Thanks again for making me look so glamorous.
- Elizabeth, NYC

I received the hat about 40 minutes ago....I had to wear it for a while... It is just KNOCK 'EM DEAD GORGEOUS...Simple Elegance....Truly a show stopper! I'll be back for more...Thank you for your service par Excellence!
- Lynda

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Do you want a personal Hat consultation?  I am YOUR Hat Designer!  I live in St. Petersburg, Florida in the beautiful USA.  If you live nearby you may visit my studio by appointment.  Be warned, it is a working studio so frequently not very neat…creative mind at work!  However, if you do not live in the area you may email me your picture and/or your dress and I will do my best to help you select the best hat for you.  I want you to look fabulous as you attend the Kentucky Derby, Party or Horse Race.  A hat is not complete without a smile coming from beneath it.  After all, if you don’t look good, HAT-A-TUDE doesn’t look good.  My clients are my inspiration. The fact that I care so much about providing personal service sets me apart from the “big box” online hat sellers.  As one lovely client wrote:  “I'm overwhelmed with this gorgeous hat. One thing for sure and I know A****  is competitive but there's a difference between class and  cash….May be cheaper but your hats are quality!”  Makes my heart sing! 

Want to look fabulous in your Hat on Kentucky Derby Day?  It is very important your hat FIT properly!  Your Hat should not be sitting down over your ears (well, maybe a little if it is being worn at a jaunt) or up on the tip top of your head.  Poor fit is one of my pet peeves.  It is the reason I provide instruction on the HAT-A-TUDE website on HOW to measure your head and WHY I sell hats by head size in inches.  A hat that is too big will slide all over your head and a hat that is too tight will make your head hurt.  Your hat should be a pleasure, not a distraction.  After all you will be walking, eating, drinking and cheering on your horse…in other words on the move!  So please measure your head before ordering!  Of course Fascinators and Profile Hatinators are mounted on a headband and allow for more flexibility in size.  If you have questions, I am just a phone call or email away.  For more info go to What’s My Hat Size Page

The Kentucky Oaks is run the Friday before the Kentucky Derby.  The first running of the Kentucky Oaks (and the Kentucky Derby) was on May 19, 1875.  The race was founded by Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. and has been held continuously at the same race track location in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Oaks is to celebrate the Ladies.  Three year old fillies (female thoroughbred horses) run in the Oaks race.  It is frequently called The Run for the Lilies since the official flower is the pink stargazer lily and the flower garland that covers the winning horse.  Since 2008, the Oaks has also been the “Pink Out”!   To honor breast and ovarian cancer survivors, PINK is worn by attendees at the Oaks. So if you are going to the Kentucky Oaks you will need a hat with pink trim or a pink hat.  I have a lot of Pink in my Derby Hat Catalog!  All shades and combinations and can “Pink Out” out your hat selection. 

**FYI:  To answer your question:  If you are attending both the Oaks and Kentucky Derby, YES you will need 2 Hats!

How Big of a Brim Hat should I wear to the Kentucky Derby?  This depends on a number of choices:  How tall you are and how much “drama” do you want to carry on your head all day.  A hat with a 5 inch brim looks proportionate on a 5’ tall lady and small on a 6’ tall lady.   Also if you are petite you will be bending your head back all day to look at people in a XL large brim…ouch!  Usually 6 inches is a good dramatic size brim on all women for the Kentucky Derby or Kentucky Oaks.  To truly be over the top,  go for an 8 inch brim hat!  Many of my clients choose this option.  Consider the Derby is a long day and you will be colliding with doorways and others!  For any hat proper FIT is very important.  Read more on this subject on my page What's my Head Size. One way to get the spectacular big hat look is to choose a profile fascinator or hatinator.  This style is mounted on a headband (also fits more head sizes!) and more vertical than horizontal.  Profiles have become very popular in England.  I heard one reason is more people could be packed into Ascot.  Purely hearsay, but sounds logical to me.  Your outfit and your Derby Hat has to fulfill YOUR  vision!  Let Kathi @ Hat-A-Tude help you.

Each year I ask my Hat-a-Tude clients to send me pictures of themselves and their Hats to post on the website.  I feel it is important for ladies to see what outfits and hats are actually worn to the Kentucky Derby and Derby parties.  One thing I notice is they are all smiling under those Hats!  It has been my intention to be sure you are wearing the best hat for you...your height, head size and color of outfit.  I love seeing those smiles and know others are smiling back at you and telling you how great you look. If you don't look good, Hat-a-Tude doesn't look good!  Women wearing hats are at once sophisticated and whimsical....Their faces are younger and softer. 

A piece of magic is a hat!  May your Hat keep you cool and bring you luck at the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby is not only the most famous thoroughbred horse race in the US, but also a celebration of fashion, Hats, southern culture and tradition. 

The Derby is all about the Ladies HATS!  I feel national television shows as much coverage of the Hats as the Horses on Derby Day!  In addition to the Kentucky Derby, ladies also enjoy wearing their Hats to Derby parties, polo races and other horse racing events. 

What is a "Derby Hat"?  A hat with a bigger brim and some "personality"....from the silly to the sophisticated.  Hat-a-Tude designs reflect a sophisticated style with quality ribbon, flower and feather trims customized to compliment your outfit.  I am a boutique Hat Shop available to work with you in creating your special outfit for the Kentucky Derby. 

For the hours a woman wears a hat, it brings out a different dimension in her personality.  Hats are to be stylish in, glow under, flirt beneath, make all others seem jealous over, and make all men feel masculine about.  A piece of magic is a hat!  May your Hat keep you cool and bring you luck at the Kentucky Derby.

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